On this web site, we will share with you some of the concepts that we have developed to serve those who serve others. Falcon Community Services is delighted to offer a family of new products, to reveal, report, and respond to criminal activities for the purpose of making our communities safer. Essentially, our offerings are designed to protect people, places, and property through the use of specialized systems designed to instantly alert law enforcement and/or community members in the event of burglary, robbery, emergency calls for assistance, or access to restricted areas. You can learn more about the various systems by clicking on the links above or reviewing the information below. Thanks for visiting with us!

No Time For Fire

Any one associated with a volunteer fire department knows about fund raisers.  It takes a lot of work and support by vendors to be successful. Mary Till of the Forest Home VFD (FHVFD)contacted Falcon Direct in the hope that we would be able to contribute a prize for a drawing at a fund raiser fish fry. We responded with an offer a little different than she expected.  We GAVE FHVFD a system for use in a local church to monitor and detect unauthorized entry or tampering with the church air conditioner (to steal the copper).  Calls are sent directly to FHVFD.  This was the beginnings of the program known today as No Time For Fire.

The idea is faster response means lower risk of theft, property loss, and in the case of fire injury or loss of life.  Our No Time For Fire program provides a means to quickly alert first responders, even in rural areas!