On this web site, we will share with you some of the concepts that we have developed to serve those who serve others. Falcon Community Services is delighted to offer a family of new products, to reveal, report, and respond to criminal activities for the purpose of making our communities safer. Essentially, our offerings are designed to protect people, places, and property through the use of specialized systems designed to instantly alert law enforcement and/or community members in the event of burglary, robbery, emergency calls for assistance, or access to restricted areas. You can learn more about the various systems by clicking on the links above or reviewing the information below. Thanks for visiting with us!

About Us

Four questions generally come to mind when they first learn about the HelpAlert program.  The first is that this system appears to be in conflict with E911.  To the contrary, it is an ENHANCEMENT to E991.  Normal reporting by security alarm systems are still reported to E911 as they always have.

The benefit of HelpAlert is that available first responders are NOTIFIED more quickly.  This can save lives, reduce the degree of injuries as well as property damage and insurance rates.

The second question deals with potential interference on the public safety radio dispatch channel.  In small communities with populations of up to 3500, this has not been a problem as evidenced in Cullman, Evergreen, and Greenville, Alabama. However, if there is a potential problem, there is also the potential for greater need.  For that reason, Falcon Community Services will gladly install a dedicated VHF repeater and program the HelpAlert frequency into the radios used by selected first responders AT NO CHARGE! All we ask is the assistance of the participating department to help us in meeting a goal of at least 15 users. The incredible safety potential available through the use of the available devices should make this a very achievable goal in even the smallest community.

Where it is not feasible to set up a VHF (or even UHF) connection for HelpAlert, we have the optional capability of sending emergency calls to cell phones or the new digital radios systems including MotoTRBO, NXDN, as well as 700/800 MHz trunked radio systems.

The fourth question is that you may be also asking why we are spending so much time on an endeavor that offers little financial reward. Our average sale is less than a thousand dollars.  To make that sale, we have spent thousands of dollars in product development with a support staff that includes a senior marketing specialist, a  licensed electronics engineer, a support team for both sales and service as well as considerable effort and expense in making simple and affordable products backed up by exceptional sales and support.

To be honest, we DO have a larger financial goal. In the process of developing the No Time to Spare program, we are developing close relationships with Mayors, EMS Service providers, Fire Chiefs and School Administrators as well as commercial, industrial, and institutional executives.  All of these key people use some form of wireless communications. It stands to reason that if we do a good job, we might ultimately earn the opportunity to become a vendor for other wireless products and services. We actually have an advanced goal in mind to help communities work together for emergency preparedness.  You can read more about it at FalconCommunityServices.com.

We also have another business that specializes in the sale and maintenance of fluorescent lighting.  We offer a bulbs that offer twice the light of standard bulbs, with better light, consuming less electricity, and reduced maintenance.  We'll tell you all about what we can do for you at our Filter-Bulb Guys web site.  Our promise is simple.  We'll give you more light and better light for less money.  If you agree, our business relationship will grow and that's what good business is all about!

So, while it is true that we do have a goal of making communities safer, we also have an objective of sustaining and growing a business that we hope to be producing income for out successors for many years to come (while taking care of those currently involved in the process).  Now, let us tell you a little more about our company,
Our founder, Burch Falkner, has been involved in electronic countermeasures since the 1950's when he served with the Army Security Agency. From that beginning, his entire career has been in wireless communications with a major emphasis on public safety.

In 2005, Falcon Wireless, our sister company, developed a wireless personal emergency calling system especially developed for courtroom use after the murder of a judge and three other in an Atlanta courtroom.  This system, known as The Companion, has been approved by the Alabama Office of Courts and is in use in courtrooms and offices all over the State of Alabama.

After the attack on the World Trade Center, Falcon Wireless was called on by Sandia National Laboratories to develop a covert communications link for use with bomb detectors.  Details are classified.

We have been called upon to provide portable wireless  detection systems as an aid to law enforcement for a number of Alabama cities and counties starting with the Greenville Police Department with the most recent system developed for the Cullman County Sheriffs Department. The technology used in our Companion and CrookCatcher systems has now evolved into the Help Alert system that can provide enhanced capabilities for personal emergency notification as well as premise monitoring for fire and theft. 

We've been doing what we do for a long, long time; and, we do it well. We look forward to working together!