On this web site, we will share with you some of the concepts that we have developed to serve those who serve others. Falcon Community Services is delighted to offer a family of new products, to reveal, report, and respond to criminal activities for the purpose of making our communities safer. Essentially, our offerings are designed to protect people, places, and property through the use of specialized systems designed to instantly alert law enforcement and/or community members in the event of burglary, robbery, emergency calls for assistance, or access to restricted areas. You can learn more about the various systems by clicking on the links above or reviewing the information below. Thanks for visiting with us!

Time To Help Others

Almost half a decade ago, the Phil Campbell Rescue Squad (PCRS) provided a device for the local medical clinic to provide rapid alerting capability when the services of the rescue squad were needed. Originally, known as The Button, the newest version of this device is known is used as a part of the No Time For Pain Program. Today it is called the HelpAlert. 

Earlier models, such as the one used in Phil Campbell, were known as Dispatch Reporters. Other than technical and cosmetic upgrades, it is the same unit as the original Dispatch Reporter. Both models have a push button on the front of the unit to send an emergency voice  message directly over the PCRS radio system. This results in a typical on-scene arrival time of less than two minutes! A recent tornado in Phil Campbell demolished the medical clinic. Few things were salvaged but the Dispatch Reporter was found and is still working after almost a half decade of service and surviving one of the worst series of tornado's ever recorded.

The standard HelpAlert, shown at the right still retains the push button emergency call button. The function of the HelpAlert is a little different than the original Dispatch Reporter since the original unit was used only as a call button.  The newer HelpAlert units have the call button capability, but it is used primarily for sending test messages (generally once a month). The current HelpAlert unit is the cornerstone of both the No Time For Crime and No Time for Fire programs in detecting alarm notifications and sending emergency notification messages.  It is also used with an optional receiver to transmit messages when activated by wireless personal call buttons of fixed alert call buttons.

The new HelpAlert, priced at just $649 is ideal for medical clinics, nursing homes (both subject to burglary by drug thieves) as well as by the elderly and disabled when equipped with the optional receiver ($100) and a personal wireless call button ($89).

All that is required at the fire and rescue department (if medical calls are a part of their services), the ambulance company (if one is available), or the rescue squad (as applicable) is a receiver on the HelpAlert channel.