On this web site, we will share with you some of the concepts that we have developed to serve those who serve others. Falcon Community Services is delighted to offer a family of new products, to reveal, report, and respond to criminal activities for the purpose of making our communities safer. Essentially, our offerings are designed to protect people, places, and property through the use of specialized systems designed to instantly alert law enforcement and/or community members in the event of burglary, robbery, emergency calls for assistance, or access to restricted areas. You can learn more about the various systems by clicking on the links above or reviewing the information below. Thanks for visiting with us!

Neighbor Net

No man is an island - Thomas Merton

We all need the support of others.  This is particularly true for those who may potentially find themselves in harms way.  Sometimes we need the assistance of others, and that is what the Neighbor Net Program is all about. 

Neighbor Net is our term for describing a network of participants working together to respond to calls for assistance from other members of their group. These other people may be security personnel on the premises in a bank or credit union, in a courthouse, in government office or school.  A second type of Neighbor Net could be community based response by nearby church members, volunteer fire personnel, neighboring merchants, or community residents.  

Neighbor Net is especially well suited for quickly responding to burglary or robbery in rural areas where traditional law enforcement resources are limited by distance, manpower, or both.  Picture a half dozen retail establishments around a rural Interstate Highway exit.  Response time for law enforcement assistance can range from fifteen minutes to as much as an hour.  An emergency call button connected to a traditional alarm system is useless.  However, when that button is connected to an AlarmAlert wireless notification system, the distress call can be transmitted to other merchants in the area.  Once alerted, these business neighbors can quickly respond, by visually obtaining vehicle tag numbers and making immediate contact with 911.

When the application of Neighbor Net is for the protection of people, the associated elements include wireless emergency call buttons and associated receivers.  Another variation of this program involves the use of sensors connected to alarm reporting equipment.  A variety of sensors provide the ability to detect AC power failure, door openings, motion within buildings, or tampering with air conditioners.  One of the more popular variations is known as the Premise Protector Program.  More information on the products and services that make up the Neighbor Net program is available at www.info4u.us/AlarmAlert.pdf, or if you prefer, just give us a call at 205.854.2611, or drop us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com.   We also have a program known as Law Direct which involves law enforcement participation. 

If you are involved in municipal or county government administration, you can learn more about Law Direct by clicking here.

If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!  Ecclesiastes 4:10 (NIV)